An Automated Fire Extinguishing system

How it works:

This autonomous extinguishing system scans a determined area, with a verity of rotation angles and ranges (depends on the selected monitor).
  • It identify overheat and fire (flames), using advanced IR imaging and analysis that triggers an extinguishing cycle.
  • After the extinguishing cycle ends it retests the primaries to check that the fire is off.
  • This algorithm ensures that the fire is off and the Automated Fire Extinguishing system resumes scanning.
Infrastructure requirements:

The Ranger Eye is an autonomous standalone fire extinguishing system that uses a
  • CAFS tank (for remote places)
  • Water line.
  • Electric power: 230VAC, 50HZ, 500Wmax. (or 110VAC, selectable), It also has an APU/UPS with a range of customer defined capacity (Ah).
Capacity and certifications

The monitor (water cannon) can be tailored by:
  • Sizes from 1.25" up to 4" in diameter outlets
  • Flow rates of 450 GPM up to 1500 GPM
  • Different levels of certification (including ATEX EX II 2G, per directive 94/9CE).
This Automatic Fire Extinguishing system provides in parallel a visual of the site, using a CCD camera. The Ranger Eye can be override by remote (LAN) or local manual control.

The Ranger Eye would be the perfect solution for guarding valuable properties and sites as:
  • Yacht marinas,
  • Small and medium airplane hangars,
  • Warehouses.
  • Hazardous hi risk materials and industries
Immediate Automated Fire Extinguishing would save the damage that could be caused until the fire fighters arrive.

For a brief demo click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO4qyqNzPOk  

For more information , please refer to rangereye@bat.co.il

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