Beit Alfa Technologies Ltd (B.A.T) is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized vehicles for over 30 years. Throughout this time, B.A.T has developed numerous models of vehicles. From the basic Water Tender to the most sophisticated of Crash Emergency Rescue Vehicles.

Our line of Fire Fighting and rescue vehicles includes:

  Municipal water/foam tenders
  Industrial water/foam tenders
  Forest/all terrain light water tenders
  Refinery & petrochemical vehicles
  Rapid intervention vehicles
  Airport crash tenders
  Hazmat rescue vehicles
  Heavy rescue vehicles
  Light rescue vehicles

The entire line is built on a modular design, which allows B.A.T to use any given chassis, different capacity and additional features. B.A.T can basically “tailor make” the product according to the customer’s exact needs.

Airport Crash Tenders

Forest-All terrain Light Water Tenders

Rapid Intervention vehicles

Municipal Water-Foam Tenders

Light Rescue Vehicles

Heavy rescue Vehicles

Hazmat Rescue vehicles


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